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Successful treatment does not depend only on medical professionals, but also on family, friends and an understanding environment. The path certainly is not an easy one, but it could be made easier with carefully chosen products, including underwear, which is very important in the post–operative period. In the first days after the surgery, movement is significantly impaired, but the bra also has an important supportive function because it firms the breasts in crucial places. Because the skin is sensitive after surgery, the underwear must be soft to avoid skin irritation and designed to facilitate putting on and fastening the bra and making frequent checks as comfortable as possible.


For a successful recovery, the first days after surgery, when treated areas require special care, are essential. In addition to a successful surgery, most of which are now shorter, standardized and successful, a proper care regimen is needed in the first few days after the surgery, when the body is still sensitive, as well as later when the patient is integrating back into their home environment as well as in daily and sports activities. Taking into account the needs that he recognised in his years of work in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, prof. Uroš Ahčan, in cooperation with Lisca, developed the line of underwear Breast Help. The line is adapted to the needs of women recovering from breast surgery and other aesthetic and gynaecological operations. It is designed to facilitate the healing and recovery of patients. The underwear is suitable and recommended for women who have undergone aesthetic surgery of breasts, abdomen and thighs.

Why choose Lisca Breast Help?

  • Better healing
  • Less pain
  • Free motion
  • Confidence
  • Better results
  • Fewer scars
  • Fewer complications

Successful treatment requires a complete approach. Along with clear information, he wishes to offer his patients the highest quality of surgery, best materials and complete care in the hospital, as well as positive feelings and a sense of security when they return home.

Lisca Lisca

How to use it?

A bra that a woman needs in the first weeks after breast reconstruction is fully adjusted to the needs of the patient in that time. Soft but firm cotton material does not contain latex and is as skin–friendly as possible. The bra has no wire support, which would be uncomfortably tight for the patient or press against sensitive areas during the recovery. The required support is provided by a wide under-breast elastic band and a double shape of the cup.

The bra is also very useful for medical personnel because it immobilizes the breast when the patient is moving, standing up, exercising or going about daily activities. A firm grip ensures good healing, less pain and better scars. The firm grip also prevents the movement of the stitched tiny veins, which are essential for the success in case of microsurgical reconstruction. With its opening and closure system and adjustable openings, the bra is designed to make the checking of treated area as easy as possible.

Because it is recommended to wear the post–surgery bra day and night for several weeks after the surgery, the woman must feel pleasant and comfortable wearing it. The bra can be easily regulated and adjusted to the woman’s physical activity while ensuring a feeling of safety and less pain. It can also be used in the same manner as patches or bandages. When wearing post-surgery underwear and carrying out post-surgery activities, the instructions of the treating surgeon must be closely followed. When a woman opts to have a breast reconstruction with her own abdominal tissue, post-surgery briefs are also necessary.

For more information about Lisca Breast Help bras, download a brochure by Lisca.

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