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You are not alone

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. In the so-called developed world, every 8th to 10th woman encounters such a problem. A woman confronted with such a diagnosis is scared, desperate and seeking proper information. When she enters “breast cancer” into a search engine (web) she receives more than 200 million hits. She finds herself at the information garbage dump and is even more frightened.

Therefore, I decided to write a book together with my colleagues. Today, people aspire to perfection, wholeness of body, freedom and the pleasures of life. Everyone is the same. Everyone is important. A world without women is empty, and a world without happy and content women is a sad world. The book is intended for patients and both the professional and non-professional public and for a better world. Lastly, it is for everyone who hasn't yet been absorbed by the virtual world and wishes to know more about the challenges and the solutions faced by modern society.


Restore your body and life: choose a state-of-the-art approach for modern women.

Drawing personal accounts from women who have faced the issues for real, it aims to help you to better understand breast reconstruction, the surgical process involved and the possible benefits and problems you might expect from this type of surgery. The Book features full colour illustrations to help show exactly what is involved, explores psychological aspects of breast reconstruction, addresses the options for those who decide not to undergo reconstructive surgery and explains how other treatments may affect or be affected by reconstruction.

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When Life Turns Upside Down

Today people aspire toward perfection, wholeness of body, freedom and the pleasures of life. Everyone is the same. Everyone is important. A world without women is empty, and a world without happy and content women is a sad world. The book is intended for both the professional and nonprofessional public, for a better world.

  • Written by: Uroš Ahčan
  • Contributions by: Janez Žgajnar, Maja Klarendić, Manja Leban, Andreja Cirila Škufca Smrdel, Doroteja Diallo-Renko, Tanja Marinko, Simona Borštnar, Barbara Gazič, Alenka Hofferle Felc, Mojca Kobal Petrišič, Lidija Jazbec, Ksenija Burgar, Maja Kern, Maja Potočnik, Elida Berlak
  • Publisher: BlackBox Inc. / website
  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 280 pages, 415 images
  • Size: 19 x 26 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 kg / 2.6 lbs
  • Photo: Aljoša Rebolj / website
  • Design: Črtomir Just
  • ISBN: 618.19-006-089

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Philosophy & Author

Life needs balance; the balance between laughter and grief, joy and worry, play and work, success and failure. This is the only way we can grow. And when we are old enough, and, hopefully, wise enough, we realize that we are not alone in this world, as the successes we achieve are because of the people around us with whom we have shared the adventure of time and place, where our mutual interactions have molded us into who we are, and whose influence has guided our achievements. These experiences are our most valuable possessions and they come with no price tag.

Uroš Ahčan

Prof. Dr. Uroš Ahčan graduated in 1995 from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. In 1999, he finished his PhD and passed the examination in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with honours (cum laude). From 2008 onward, he has been the Head of the University clinical department for plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic surgery in the University Clinical Centre of Ljubljana. He is a president of Slovenian association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons. He is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana and currently teaches plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

The thorough knowledge and hard work of the Ljubljana school of plastic surgery, as well as a rich tradition, represent the basis for numerous internationally known lectures in the area of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. In the last two years, he has visited and lectured at Georgetown University in Washington, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Las Vegas, Turin, Moscow, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd, Dubai, Barcelona, Prague, Copenhagen, Istanbul and other international congresses and has also performed live surgery. He has more than 300 published items, including numerous articles, papers for conferences, books and manuals. Recipient of the most prestigous Derganc Award for medical publishing.


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When Life Turns Upside Down

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